Creating a Safe is for helpers who wish to aid men and women experiencing difficulty due to reproductive grief and loss after abortion. This website features Safe Place training and Abortion Changes You after-abortion healing resources in English and Spanish.

If you have questions or need further assistance please contact us at or 619-501-9414.

Resources for Helpers

Grief & Abortion: Creating a Safe Place to Heal prepares professional and volunteer Helpers to engage men and women in the healing journey. The book also equips Helpers to effectively use Abortion Changes You® resources.

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How To Use Resources.

Resources for Clients and (Spanish) are safe anonymous places for hurting men and women to participate in interactive content, share stories, and connect with local resources.

Changed: Making Sense of Your Own or a Loved One's Abortion Experience (hardcover, 276 pages) is a combination of stories and a conversational journey through Healing Pathways that can be used as a take-home resource or to supplement individual and group counseling.

Changed Booklets (5x5, softcover, 64 pages in English and Spanish) are a take-home resource for men and women who have experienced an abortion.

Outreach Cards in English and Spanish have the “voice” of a man or woman on the front and an invitation to healing on the back. The business-sized cards are an effective take-home resource.